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Friday, March 25, 2011

Clementine Finds Her Moo

It was another beautiful spring day at the farm today. Not so warm it was 32 this morning with a good frost. The pollen is awful. Didn't hear what the count is but everything is yellow. I shut the horses out of the new grass last night in case it was a killing frost, didn't want any tummy aches. They were waiting for me most impatiently this morning.
When I went in to give Clementine (the calf) her bottle the horses watched at the gate. Clementine got brave and went over to visit. Velvet my 3yo filly loves everything and everybody so she put her nose down to calf level. She quickly got a calf tongue up her nose. Velvet was quite insulted, she snorted and turned her butt to us.

I have a pregnant goat in the same barn with Clementine she is as wide as she is long but still no kids. I let her out of her pen today so she could stretch her legs and lay in the sun. I have never really been around cows much. I didn't realize that they have personality. I have a pan of dry food out for Clementine so she will get used to it. She isn't eating much of it yet but she will nibble on it, the same with the pile of hay that is out.
The goat isn't too happy about the calf especially since she was chasing her and wanting to play. Heart(goat) went straight to the pan of food and started to eat, Clementine came and stood over the pan and snorted. Heart moved to the hay, Clementine went to the hay and stood over it. Poor Heart gave up and went back to her pen and wanted back in.

When I started to leave to finish my farm chores for the morning Clementine followed me kicking and bucking all the way. She went round and round my legs like a big ole cat and let out a small moo. She was so suprised at her new sound that she ran and hid.

I sure wish my camera was working. She is so cute and funny. Her milk beard after her bottle is the cutest, that is until she wipes it on you.

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