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Saturday, March 19, 2011

Saving Clementine

Tims uncles have cattle and lost one to grass tetany. They didn't realize until 2 days later that she had a calf. Tim went out to see if he could catch it. If it was a bull calf we intended to feed him out. It wasn't. It was a hefer calf about 2wks old that had lain in the hot sun waiting for her mom to come back. She was lethargic and easy to catch. I have never bottle raised a calf. I have lots of experience with goats and if a kid laid out and over heated like that it would be hard to save. I rushed to the feed store to get a bottle and some milk thinking all the time I wouldn't be able to get the poor thing to drink and we would end up having to put her down. We put her in the barn next to a doe whos kidding is iminent. When I got back with the milk she was standing up so I put the nipple in her mouth and she started to nurse. How easy was that! Once I looked at that sweet feminine face with those long lashes and big brown eyes I knew she would never be beef and the name Clementine came to my mind. So we now have added a black angus hefer to our list of dependents.

We had an invitation to go to an old dump and dig for bottles today. We decide it would be a change of pace and I love old bottles so we went. It is on power co land and way back in the woods so not picked over if you dig. We had a blast. An older gentleman went with us and knew what alot of the bottles were. Kind of interesting to see all of those old condiment bottles. We found lots of medicine bottles. Most of the bottles we found were pre 1930 and quite nice. Now I just have to get them all cleaned up.

I decided, when we got back from hunting bottles, that it was time to get the wooly booger cleaned up. He is so hot and it was over 80 degrees today. Bounty is a Gypsy Vanner and like all of them he has lots of hair. He will be one year on April 30th. He wasn't too happy about the water until he found out it was cool and then he couldn't get enough. He stood like a gentleman while I shampooed and conditioned his copious locks. He got all braided and clean. I bet by tomorrow he will have his poop stains back on .

I can't get pictures of all of this because I dropped my camera and the husband ran over it with his truck.So needless to say I need a new camera. I will put a couple of dirty pictures of Bounty that I took before the camera accident.

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