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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


I just love baby goats! That is the real reason I have them. We have had up to 80 in the herd when we had all Boer goats.
This one is a Boer/Nubian cross. We have sold off most of our fb boer as the south is a challenging place to keep goats and the boers didn't seem to have any natural resistance to parasites. We spent all of our time worming and checking for worms.I had them for 7 years with alot of heartbreaking loss. We started crossing with a Spotted Nubian buck we bought and the resulting crosses seem to have better resistance.
We also have one Oberhasli doe we named Idjit. Any one who has ever had these goats knows why. Boers and Nubians don't ever look for mischief but Idjit does.This is one of this it is an Ober/nubian There are 2 identical dodoelings and they are just like their mom. Always looking for mischief. The Oberhasli has been our most carefree goat. I hope her doelings are as I am keeping both.
We ended up with 2 spotted nubian bucklings this year.Why is it the prettiest goatlings are the bucks.We are down to 6 adult does,3 yearling does,and I am keeping 3 doelings this year. We also have 2 bucks 1 registered spotted nubian and 1 boer.

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