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Wednesday, March 2, 2011


I remember when doing my taxes was easy. Fill out a simple form and mail it in. Not any more. Until the last few years I have not dreaded it like I have the last couple. In simplifying my life I have complicated my taxes. We have steadily tried to eliminate debt. No more borrowing for what we need and paying off what we owe. Good plan right?? I thought so till I went to the tax man last year. YIKES!!! This year double YIKES!!!!

We really love this beautiful piece of property. It supports us and we have paid it down to a reasonable amount. We hope to have it paid off before retirement(It is our retirement). If Uncle Sam doesn't get it all. Because we are getting out of debt we are not able to take off any intrest we are paying. We cannot claim new equipment because we are fixing the old. So instead of paying the banks we are having to pay Taxes. Pay the Govt. or pay the bank. HMMM which is better..or worse.
Well "kiss my...donkey" I guess I'll just have to pay the government cause I don't want to pay the bank.

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