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Thursday, March 10, 2011


I recently place an add to sell the three remaining nubian bucklings. I made the price high enough that it should have discouraged people who want a Bar-B-Q goat from calling. I am not against eating goat don't get me wrong, but these little guys are so beautiful with their spots I hate to think of it. I hate to think of it with any of them, although I know that is the only other purpose(besides the obvious) for them.I have sold one (my favorite) to become a future herd boss.
He is so sweet. He will be like his dad MoMo who is a big stinky pet you can lead around on a leash.

I have a couple of folks coming out this weekend to look and I am pretty sure they are looking for a slaughter goat. Their first questions is how big is it. I explained to one this morning that 60lbs of Nubian isn't the same as 60lbs of Boer you get more bone less meat(doing myself out of a sale).They are coming to look anyway.I really need to sell the little fellows. I only need the 2 bucks I have. It is a whole lot easier to drop them at the sale and have them send me a check in the mail. I am sure the end result is the same.

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