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Wednesday, March 16, 2011


Enjoyed a beautiful pre-spring day at the farm today. Took a walk and lots of pictures. All of my fruit trees are blooming. This could be bad as it is still early. I hope not.
After all of the rain we had yesterday the air was clean and the sky a bright blue. I turned the horses out in the back pasture for the first time since fall. I couldn't leave them long because the lush new grass is only good in small doses if they are not used to it. They were happy till I had to pull them back off.

The goats were all happily snoozing in the sun and chewing their cud.

I was happy until I returned to the house. Tim went to the basement and discovered that our freezer had quit. Probably over a week ago. What a mess! A big stinky mess.We lost several hundred dollars worth of deer meat and what was left of last years vegetables. I have been wanting to learn to can meat and this just reinforces my resolve. If I had canned some of that deer meat we would not have lost it all.

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