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Friday, September 30, 2011

Facebook Posts

I recently joined a photography group on facebook. I am not a photographer but I enjoy taking pictures and express myself through the camera. I don't have a fancy SLR camera(but I want one)I just use my handy dandy easy to carry point and shoot. The first assignment is to take pictures of posts,poles,or walls. The are supposed to be in black and white and not photoshopped. So off I set into the back pasture with my trusty camera to find some posts.
A couple of gate posts...
A couple of busy bodies...
A few fence posts..

Goats.(sorry easily distracted)Back to the barn..
A few walls..

HAWK..and yes he is eating a chicken.

My final wall post.


The last 2 years have been busy with weddings. I have two sons and now two daughter-in-laws. The did cut me a break and only have one a year. The second one was last weekend the first June 2010. Very hectic and stressful but the end product in both weddings was worth it.

Number one son was married in Ruidoso NM.All we had to do was show up. Not to bad. I do have to say I am glad I had sons it didn't cost me nearly as much as the brides families.

The wedding was simple and beautiful in a beautiful setting. I took my youngest son and his girlfriend (soon to be fiance) with me to the wedding.It was an all around great time 1800 miles from home.

The second wedding was a week ago and I am still recovering. It was right here.Very beautiful. They also chose an outside venue. It rained and rained up until 2 days before the wedding. Stress!!All went well a few mishaps but no major problems.

Its all over now. Whew! I am all out of sons. Of course there is still the 11yo grandaughter who was in her "first wedding ever" and had the time of her life. She soaked up every minute of the wedding and I am sure is planning hers already.

Friday, September 9, 2011

Grooming tips from the horses

Tired of those fly away manes?

Burr it!!

Tired of those long pesky forelocks getting in your eyes?

Burr it!!

Burdock not just for Gobo anymore...

The creation of these hair do's took one day in a new pasture.
5 manes and tails will never be the same after the making of this blog post. After many hours of burr picking I have decided that there could be some value to roaching manes. Horses gotta luv em!