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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Those of you who know me know I grew up in the city.The closest I ever came to a live farm animal was a petting zoo. My food came from the grocery store. My mother was raised on a ranch in a little town in Wyoming. It was a hard life for her so she really enjoyed being a suburban housewife. So when I wanted a horse as a young girl she just couldn't understand how that would be fun. If she saw me now she would probably laugh.
I have been a farmer for almost 10yrs now.I of course had a horse and a garden much longer. When we bought the farm we started with the hen houses.18000 chickens keep you very busy but something was missing. We added 6 goats about a year later. The dogs came next and then horses. We now have 18000 chickens,12 goats,4 dogs,7 horses, and 1 cow (added recently).

Since adding the goats and horses I have done things I would have never imagined myself doing. Today for example I had to pull a goat kid. He was stuck fast by his shoulders in the birth canal. Poor mom was so exhausted that she couldn't push him out. I couldn't do much but pull. I have been up to my elbow in a goats uterus turning a kid. I had to help deliver my filly 3 years ago. With her all I had to do was tear the membrane and clean her nose so she could breath till mom could get to her. Hands covered in goat goo again! I am not even grossed out. It is kind of fun meeting the challenge and coming out with a happy ending.
So now if I were to list all of my skills on a resume it would probably read.Goat birthing,hoof trimming,horse groomer,poop scooper,egg picker upper,fence mending,hay stacking,gardening,chief cook and bottle washer for everyone.

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