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Friday, September 9, 2011

Grooming tips from the horses

Tired of those fly away manes?

Burr it!!

Tired of those long pesky forelocks getting in your eyes?

Burr it!!

Burdock not just for Gobo anymore...

The creation of these hair do's took one day in a new pasture.
5 manes and tails will never be the same after the making of this blog post. After many hours of burr picking I have decided that there could be some value to roaching manes. Horses gotta luv em!


  1. Oh, my Lord! What a nightmare! Well, at least horses don't chew gum!

  2. This gives me nightmares and is why I spent five days and countless hours digging burdock up this year. Bad enough around the farmstead, if it got into where my horses are I'd be one unhappy person. Unfortunately I have a wandering dog who thinks his name is TyTy Burdock Guy.