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Saturday, August 20, 2011

Beagle Story

Our Beagle is one of those sad,happy,sad stories. She came to us 2yrs ago on the 4th of July. She stayed under the horse trailer. I figured she would go back home after a couple of days and had just ended up at our house because of the fireworks. She didn't. When she finally came out from under the trailer she was dirty,thin,wormy,and it was evident she either had puppies somewhere or was close to having puppies. I fed her and called animal control. I should say tried to call animal control. The animal control in our county is a joke! They don't answer their phone and if you happen to get someone they won't come out. I told the Grandaughter not to get attached we were going to find her a home.We already had 3 dogs and didn't need another.
Before we knew it she had two fuzzy puppies. We did find homes for them but no one wanted an old beagle. I didn't make up my mind to keep her and she was pregnant again in no time and had one Huge fuzzy pup.

We found the puppy a home and decided it was time to make Beagles home with us permanent so we went to the vet. Beagle has been with us 2yrs now this July. She was an old dog when she came to us and very shy like she had been abused. She got a bit fat and lazy but still a sweet happy dog. It has been so hot this summer she just moved from one shady spot to the other. Always at the farm. She dissappeared this past fri. We searched high and low for her.She was there in the morning and then gone in the evening. We miss our Beagle!
I hope where ever she is she has a good home and lots of treats


  1. Awww, she looks so sweet. Has she found her way home yet?

  2. She was a sweet heart. I am afraid she is gone for good.