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Saturday, May 21, 2011

Showing the Colt

Today was show day for our Gypsy colt "High Noon Bounty". Lovingly called the big fuzz ball. This was his first time off of the farm since we brought him here as a weanling from Va. Also his first trip in a horse trailer since then. We were showing him at a draft horse show in halter. They have a light draft division for Haflingers,and other light draft breeds.
We arrived with no mishaps all clean and shiny and ready to go.We walked into the barn with all of the huge draft horses. Their heads were as big as me and I am not sure I could even reach their withers. Everyone was busy cleaning and braiding these horses. Looked to me like a step ladder was standard gear for the owners. Bounty got settled in his stall. He of course wanted to be out socializing with all of the girls.

He lined up for his class and it became apparent that the Paint drafts showed in the light draft catagory. We were the only light draft there. Poor Bounty looked like a mini horse next to these big boys. I was pretty sure the draft judge would be biased towards the draft horses. They look at conformation and look for a nice impulsed high stepping trot. When it was Bounty's turn he trotted in front of the audience and an OOOOH went up. I felt pretty good about that. That was the first time I had heard any reaction from them. His trot put the big boys to shame. In fact the judge came over and lifted his foot to check for any kind of device to make him step high.
The judge took several minutes to look Bounty over.Other than letting his "stuff" down a time or two he really made me proud.When the judge lined them up to go out it was obvious that Mr. Bounty had won his class. Woo Hoo we got the blue. I was so tickled I almost cried. Showed against the big boys and won!
It wasn't until I started down loading pictures that I realized that OOOOH that went up from the audience might not have been because of Bountys looks and high stepping trot. They were impressed instead with his masculinity which was "just a swingin" as he trotted past them. Gave the kids on the bleachers a lesson in the male anatomy. It still could have been because he was so beautiful.

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