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Sunday, May 15, 2011

Feeding The Squirrels

I mix my own feed for my animals. I don't buy the pre-mix sweet feed. Just like my kids I don't like to feed them all of that sugar. Everyone who mixes feed knows that each person has their own favorite ingredients. Mine are whole oats, alfalfa, and black oil sunflower seeds. I can feed this same mix to everyone goats, horses,cow. I do use a high quality loose mineral for everyone and a hard mineral block. The whole fat oat has some oil and the sun flower seeds have some, so all of my critters keep a slick shiny coat and healthy feet.

I had to get metal trash cans to keep the oats in because rats were chewing holes in the bags and eating the oats from the bottom. At least I thought it was rats. They can go through quite a few oats in a short time and at the price of feed ... Oh and they can chew a hole in the bottom of a hard plastic can. Not to mention the day I was talking on the phone to my son and reached the scoop into the bag with out looking and a mouse ran up my arm. He said I squealed like a girl! Well DUH!!!

I have not gotten a can yet for the sunflower seeds. Everyone enjoys them. Birds come right into the barn and will pick them out and hide under the pommel of one of my saddles and shell them. Had a wren come sit on my shoulder to wait his turn one day. He thought I was just a convient perch. I am going to have to get another trash can though because the squirrels have found the bag. Dang dogs just let them. They were eating from the bottom but now they just go in from the top. When you go into the barn they won't go far they just wait till you are out of the way to continue eating.I am waiting to forget and have a squirrel run up my arm! We will be talking SQUEAL then. Not to mention sunflower seeds are almost 30.00 a bag and squirrels can eat alot of seeds. The up side is they have planted sunflowers everywhere and If times get hard we have lots of fat, healthy, shiny squirrels.

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