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Sunday, June 19, 2011

2011 Garden

We had to make a smaller garden this year so I had my husband make 3 raised beds 2'x12'. So far they are doing nicely. I am beginning to see that they should have been placed a bit further apart.
This is how they looked mid may.

This is about 1wk ago. So far I have gotten several pounds of radish,lettuce,onion,zuchini,summer squash and herbs out of just one bed.
In another bed I planted cucumbers.They are just beginning to produce. So far I have 8qts and 4pints dill pickles. More to put up now. My family loves my homemade dills so I have trouble keeping enough around for me. Maybe this year. My other bed has green beans and tomatoes. I put up 9 pints of beans so far and another picking due maybe tommorrow. My tomatoes are coming along slowly I think it may be the heat I have quite a few green tomatoes on the vine but not what I expected.
My squirrel planted sunflowers are just beginning to bloom.

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